Do You Need A New Garage Door Opener?

Garage door openers are responsible for sending power to the various mechanical components of the garage door to actually move the heavy panels of the door. There are constant advancements being made in technology, and as a result of this, your garage door opener may not be offering the features and efficiency that newer models may be able to offer. If you are unsure whether or not you should upgrade your opener, here are three signs that it is time to get a new opener for your garage door system.

Noisy Operation

When the garage door opener is used, it should not create a significant amount of noise. If there is a loud commotion, the noise could be a result of the type of garage system that you have. More often than not, you are simply hearing the metal of the chain driver opener on the move. If you would prefer a quieter operation for your garage door system, then you may want to opt for a garage door opener that makes use of a screw mechanism or a rubber belt rather than a metal chain.

Inadequate Security

While most doors on your property have locks, your garage door panels generally do not. However, your garage door opener serves this role with a unique code. Thanks to sophisticated software, thieves and burglars have the ability to decipher this code and then enter your home through your garage. Newer systems, though, feature what is known as rolling codes, which means that the code is changing constantly, making it significantly harder to crack for outsiders.

Service Interruptions

If your garage door opener is electric and older in age, then you will find that it will not work in the event that there is a power outage for whatever reason. If you are unable to open your garage door to store personal belongings during a storm, your personal property may suffer significant damage because it is left outside during the storm. In addition, you will be unable to remove anything out of the garage. Newer garage door openers, however, are equipped with battery backups that can turn on, similar to that of a home generator, as soon as the main source of power is turned off.

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