5 Signs That Indicate Your Garage Door Needs To Be Repaired

Your garage door works day after day without you giving it much thought. However, there are times when the door may show signs of needing repairs. Prompt repairs could save you from having your car stuck in the garage or more importantly, repairs could save you from being injured. Here are five signs that let you know your garage door needs repairs.

1. The Door Is Uneven

When your door isn't balanced, it may look crooked or there could be a gap on one side when the door is closed. This problem could be a sign of trouble with the springs. If a spring is bad or just needs to be adjusted, you'll need to call a repair service since working on garage door springs is dangerous and you don't want to attempt it unless you have experience.

2. The Door Is Off the Track

A garage door that jumps the track is a serious problem and it needs to be repaired before you can use the door properly. This problem can be caused by a bent track that lets the rollers pop out. It might be possible to repair a bent track, but the repair service may need to put in a new track instead so the rollers are kept contained and glide smoothly.

3. The Door Is Noisy

Some garage door openers are noisier than others, but if your door suddenly gets louder than usual, it's time to get it checked before it stops working. The solution could be as simple as lubricating the door. However, the rollers or tracks might need to be replaced or repaired if they are worn out or damaged.

4. The Door Won't Open

If your garage door won't open, the problem might be a broken spring. However, you'll want to rule out other causes, such as a wiring or opener problem. The problem might even be dead batteries in the remote. A more serious problem is broken cables. Your door needs the cables and springs to be in good shape to open the door, and when these parts are damaged, they need to be replaced by a garage door repair technician so your door is safe to use.

5. The Door Won't Close

A common reason for a garage door that won't close is when the safety sensor near the bottom of the door isn't working. You can fix this problem yourself if the cause is a sensor that is out of alignment. However, if the problem is a bad sensor or bad wiring, the parts have to be replaced so the safety mechanism for your door works properly.