3 Reasons Your Garage Door Is Damaged

Your garage door can get damaged due to a wide variety of different causes. Most garage door problems are related to issues that are caused by wear and tear, by an electronic issue, or due to something getting in the way of the operation of your garage door. It is important to be able to identify what type of damage your garage door sustained so you can get the right assistance.

Reason #1: Broken Spring

When a spring on your garage door breaks, the tension in the spring is released at a rapid rate. The release of this tension usually happens quickly, and the release of all that tension can cause a loud banging sound which may be startling to hear. It is a loud sound you may hear even if you are inside your home. An extension spring will hang down from your garage door or even on the floor. If the spring has a safety cable running through it, the spring will be kept in place.

When a spring is broken, you are not going to be able to open or close your garage door easily. The springs on your garage door take on the weight and allow you to easily open your garage door. You will need to get the spring replaced in order to get your garage door functioning again.

Reason #2: Broken Lifting Cable

Another one of the important components of your garage door is the lifting cable. The lifting cable helps support the weight of your garage door and helps lift your garage door up and down. Your cable is necessary for you to open or close your garage door.

Lifting cables tend to get brittle over time. Once they get brittle, they start to fray. When the cables fray, they can unwind and snap.

When it is frayed, it is best to get your lift cable taken care of before it breaks.

Reason #3: Electrical Complications

There are lots of electrical complications that can arise with a garage door. Most modern garage doors rely on electrical power in order to operate. If the fuse that connects to your garage is blown, you will need to flip the fuse box in order to get your garage door operating again.

If an electrical wire gets frayed or damaged, your garage door is not likely to work. If you think your garage door is malfunctioning due to an electrical issue, you need to call a professional to assist.

If your garage door is not functioning correctly, don't try to continue using it. A damaged spring, broken lifting cable, and electrical complications can cause your garage door to get damaged. When that happens, call in a professional right away to take care of your residential garage door repair.