Options For A New Garage Door For Your Detached Garage

If you're building or renovating a detached garage, you might be contemplating garage doors. While you can get the same door you would get if the garage was attached to your home, a detached garage has special considerations. Here are some things to think about with a detached garage and some choices in garage doors.


If the garage is a distance from your home, you might worry about security. Most garage doors are secure and can be made even more secure if you add safety features, you might want to go with the sturdiest door material.

Heavy steel or solid wood might be good choices. Solid wood doors are almost impossible to kick in, so if you have a secure locking mechanism, a wood door can keep out intruders. Steel is also a good option, but when security is important, choose heavy steel that costs more than a lighter steel door.


If you're only using the garage for parking your car, insulation may not be too important. You can make any garage door better insulated by adding weatherstripping. However, some door materials provide better insulation than others.

You can buy doors with an inside panel and an outside panel that has insulation between the two panels. You can buy fiberglass, metal, vinyl, and wood doors made with insulated cores if you want to use the garage for storage or as a workshop.


You might want a different type of door for a detached garage to give it a unique look. Instead of a sectional door that rolls up, you might want true carriage doors or doors that slide open like barn doors. Even though the doors open in a different way, you can still open them remotely or manually.


When a garage is part of your house, it's important to choose a color that complements your home. If the detached garage is in the back of your property, you may want it to match your house, or you might want to decorate the garage differently, such as to look like a barn or a cottage.

Garage doors come in different colors, so you can choose something you like. If you think you'll change colors occasionally, then buy a door that's easy to paint and be sure to use the right type of paint for the material.


Even if your garage is detached, you want it to be an attractive addition to your property. That means you'll need to keep the door in good shape through proper maintenance. Some types of doors need more care than others, so consider if you want a door you can forget about, such as steel, or one you have to paint regularly like wood.