How To Tell It's Time To Hire A Reliable Garage Door Spring Repair Service

To get the most out of your garage door, you must observe routine maintenance and prompt repairs. That involves checking the working condition of the doors and all their components. One of the crucial parts of the door to your garage is the torsion spring. The springs provide mechanical energy to lift the doors. They might wear down over time due to repeated movements and exposure to weather elements. When they become weak, it can cause the doors to collapse, leading to injuries and property damage.

However, you can have the spring repaired by a garage door spring repair expert to avoid such accidents. Here are some of the indications that you might need to call an expert to repair your door's torsion springs.

The Garage Door Feels Heavier

A torsion spring helps in supporting the weight of the garage door, enabling it to move upwards. When the spring becomes faulty, the door will feel heavier than usual. You will notice that the door is heavier to lift when operating it manually. An automatic opener might also fail to open the door due to the additional weight. When you detect this problem, it is advisable to contact a garage door spring repair expert for immediate repairs.

The Garage Door Does Not Open Quickly and Smoothly

Slow-moving garage doors can be quite annoying. Most times, the culprit is a faulty torsion spring. The spring works together with motors in opening the garage door. A broken spring will affect the speed of the motors because of the bulkiness of the door. In that case, the opening and closing of the door will be much slower. Moreover, a garage door with a faulty spring will not open smoothly, and it will look crooked or bent at the top. When this problem occurs, you should have your springs checked by an expert.

The Garage Door Produces a Loud Noise

When your garage door spring is tearing apart, it will emit a loud sound. Most people mistake this sound for broken window glass or fallen storage boxes. If you hear this unexplained sound, your spring could be dying out. It is one of the early signs of a defective spring that most people tend to overlook. Having your garage door spring examined immediately by professionals might help to prevent damage to the other components.

Having understood some of the warning signs of a damaged torsion spring, you should keep tabs on how your garage door operates. Contact a garage door spring repair service as soon as you identify something unusual.