Why Pick Steel For Residential Garage Door Installation?

Are you considering replacing your old garage door? You have several options to pick from, including wood, steel, aluminum, and composite plastic. Steel doors have gained popularity in recent years because of the unique qualities of steel. It is hard to go wrong with steel for a residential garage door installation. Steel is a good choice for several reasons.


Steel is one of the strongest materials in construction. You can have your garage door in heavy gauge steel for high security. To make light but strong doors, steel garage doors are constructed by forging together many panels of lighter gauge steel. 

Steel does not warp or crack from exposure to weather elements. It will last as long as the house stands. It is more resistant to the usual dents, dings, and scratches. You only need to apply a coat of paint every few years to keep the garage door looking good.

Energy Efficiency

You should pick a steel door with polyurethane insulation for more energy efficiency. It reduces your power bills because heating in the house remains at comfortable levels. You should go for a door with a high R-value for optimal energy efficiency.  

High Security

You may overlook the door as a security concern. But it presents an attractive entry point for burglars and other malicious actors. A steel door is a very formidable barrier and will turn off any opportunistic burglar. Even a determined felon will find it hard to break through a heavy gauge steel security door. It takes a blowtorch to melt through the steel.


A residential garage door service will charge you depending on size, assembly, and add-ons like accents. Steel is a commonly available material. Some of it comes from recycled material. Steel doors are more affordable compared to other materials such as wood and glass.

The affordability does not take away the styling and customizing possibilities. You can choose from several designs. There are traditional designs, barn-style doors, and more contemporary designs. Plus, you can pick from different panel patterns, including grooved, flush, long, and short. There are different color options you can pick from, including custom options in shade and tone. You can also opt for windowless or windowed doors.

Are you looking to do residential garage door installation to boost your home's curb appeal?  You can pick a steel garage door and enjoy these benefits. For more information on residential garage door installation, contact a local garage door company.