5 Signs That Indicate Your Garage Door Needs To Be Repaired

Your garage door works day after day without you giving it much thought. However, there are times when the door may show signs of needing repairs. Prompt repairs could save you from having your car stuck in the garage or more importantly, repairs could save you from being injured. Here are five signs that let you know your garage door needs repairs. 1. The Door Is Uneven When your door isn't balanced, it may look crooked or there could be a gap on one side when the door is closed.

Do You Need A New Garage Door Opener?

Garage door openers are responsible for sending power to the various mechanical components of the garage door to actually move the heavy panels of the door. There are constant advancements being made in technology, and as a result of this, your garage door opener may not be offering the features and efficiency that newer models may be able to offer. If you are unsure whether or not you should upgrade your opener, here are three signs that it is time to get a new opener for your garage door system.